What do our grads go on to do?

Check out this list of jobs and programs!

  • Internships at Disney (FL) and Facebook (CA)
  • Program Associate, International Visitor Leadership Program (US Dept of State)
  • Account Manager XPO Logistics (Charlotte NC)
  • Farm Apprentice and Market Manager at Edible Earth Farm LLC (Tionesta PA)
  • English Language Instructor and Research Assistant at the Center for Migration in Innsbruck, Austria
  • Master’s in Global Security (George Mason University)
  • Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (George Mason University)
  • Master’s in Public Health (University of South Carolina)
  • Master’s in Global Ethics (London)
  • Master’s in Public Policy (Central European Univ. Budapest)
  • Master’s in Romance Languages or Political Science (Appalachian State University)
  • Master’s in Natural Resources at NC State University
  • Master's in International Studies at NC State University
  • Master’s in Public Health /Emergency Management and Humanitarian Relief
  • Master's in Public Policy at UT Austin
  • Master’s in Human Decision Science (Maastricht/Netherlands)
  • Master’s in Political Science (Freie Univ Berlin):
  • PhD program in East Asian Studies at Florida International University
  • Peace Corps (Ukraine, Ecuador, Liberia, Burkhina Faso)
  • AmeriCorps (FEMA, Teaching English, Science Education/Conservation, Non-profit Faith Action in Greensboro NC, Utah Refugee Services, Educational Coordinator for New Arrivals Institute in Greensboro NC)
  • JET program teaching English in Japan

Students receive their graduation scarves after the capstone presentations.  Our distinctive "swag" is just another way to set GLS students apart, as we are "wrapped in the world"! 

2013 grad Amanda Moore won the 2013 John Barnhill Civic Trailblazer Award!!  Amanda is a double major in Global Studies (PCHR) and Communications.

2017 grad Ryan Hellenbrand won a Fulbright Scholarship to Austria.  Ryan had a double major in Global Studies (German Studies) and Sustainable Development.

2017 grad Winston Moore is in the MA program in Global Policy Studies at UT Austin.  He presented at the Appalachian Celebration of Student Research on "The Road to Empowerment: Food Sovereignty as a Response to Neoliberal Abandonment.  The Case of Greensboro NC"

Want to hear more from a student perspective? Here's a podcast about the Honors College that features one of those students; the Honors College offers particular opportunities for Appalachian students.  But ALL Global Studies students study abroad; and many of our GLS students are involved similarly across campus!

In the past, we have had two students receive Critical Language Scholarships. Asian Studies student Lauren Greenwood was awarded a Critical Languages Scholarship to study in China in summer 2013.  GLS minor Brian Clee was awarded a CLS to go to Russia. Lauren studied Chinese with Dr. Wendy Xie; Brian studied with Dr. Irina Barclay. 

Josie Hoggard (GLS class of 2013, Globalization and Development/Spanish) produced a documentary on kudzu for her capstone project: As of fall 2017 Josie is still working on the road with Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn!

What do students think of Global Studies?

I see students every day who have no desire to ever leave the United States or North Carolina, which is completely up to them. However, that will not keep other cultures or people from coming to the United States and North Carolina. The more students know about our world and the people in it, the more they will realize that globalization can be used to their advantage for careers, knowledge, and personal improvement. I plan to continue internationalizing my everyday life through my future career path, beginning with my service as a part of the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, in Western Africa..  — Emily Merb Brown, double major in French and  Global Studies

"I really don't think I could have gotten an education like this one anywhere else. ... I particularly wanted to point out several teachers and classes I had that made a big difference in my GLS experience: Amy Hudnall and her Sudan/Darfur class (probably the class that changed my life the most in college), Sushmita Chatterjee and her Global Women's Issues, and Dr. Lynn Gregory (in the COM department) and Dr. Kristina Groover (ENG department) for working with my on my independent study/internship this past spring. My college experiences, dreams, and ultimately my goals for life would not be the same without all of these amazing professors.  Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the Global Studies program and for all of your help over the years. I hope the future GLS students understand and appreciate what a wonderful program they're participating in."