CONGRATULATIONS to GLS student Ryan Hellenbrand (German Studies/minor in German with a double major Sustainable Development) who just received a 2017-2018 Fulbright Student Award for a Community-Based Combined Grant in Austria. 

CONGRATULATIONS to GLS student Talley Breedlove (Peace,  Conflict and Human Rights/minors in Chinese and Japanese) and program director Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand on receiving Global Leadership awards from Appalachian at the 2016 Global Symposium on November 16!

The Global Studies program at Appalachian State University is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic program devoted to the understanding of historical, social, political, geographic, cultural, and artistic dimensions of international, transnational, and global processes.  The program has been in existence since 2008; we have over 120 majors and we have almost 25 minors. 

What does Global Studies involve?  It is a degree program that includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies as well as a minor in Global Studies.  In this program, students and faculty have a variety of options for focus areas, including (but not limited to) a regional focus (Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East) or a transnational focus (Development and Globalization, Peace/Conflict/HumanRights, Global Health).  Charlemagne reputedly said "To have another language is to possess a second soul."  Global Studies students not only have that second language; they have the interdcisciplinary, transnational, and transhistorical knowledge to explore those languages in multiple 21st century contexts and in varying responses to the processes of globalization.   You can find the program mission and a one-page curriculum overview HERE

We also have a Global Connections Certificate that is available to ANY major on campus.  The certificate combines language learning, study abroad, international course content, and service/outreach plus a summary reflection.  Check it out!  

For more information, contact the program director, Dr. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (

What are GLS students interested in?  Take a look at 2015  and 2016 senior capstone presentations.  We've got the world covered!  Check out the story on PCHR student Alaina Storch in the Appalachian magazine, taking on labor rights in the fashion industry!  GLS/French student Sunni Ryan is a finalist in the International Education Week 2016 photo contest with this photo from Bolivia.

"I think the number one reason I love the opportunity of study abroad is because I have been able to learn from professors who are not teaching material from a book, but teaching stories of their lives.  When professors talk about life under socialism, it is by personal example."  (Eastern European Area Studies major studying at Corvinus University in Hungary)


Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-3. To make an appointment, click here:

LLA 129 (Living Learning Center, Academic Building)

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Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies

  • Global Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program within the Department of Cultural, Global and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian.