Declaring a Major in Global Studies

To declare a major you must have earned 30 semester hours, have a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA), and completed RC 1000 and RC 2001.  You must make an appointment with the Global Studies director to discuss your focus area and to draft a plan of study for your Global Studies major.   The director will also ask you about your plans for foreign language study and study abroad.  These plans may be tentative and they may change; however, it is never too early to begin!

After you and the director have drafted (and signed) your plan of study, go to the 100 I.G. Greer (College of Arts and Sciences Advising) to declare your major. It is not necessary to make an appointment.

All students enter Appalachian through University College. Although you may have indicated a major preference on your application or during Orientation, you are not officially in that major until you meet the requirements listed above and sign a paper to declare your major!

Changing a Major to Global Studies

Our program of study has CHANGED!  

Students who want to add or change a major within College of Arts and Sciences can use this electronic form. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with the Global Studies director to talk about your planned program of study!

Students who wish to add or change a major located outside of the College of Arts and Sciences should go to the Dean's Office of the college where the the major is located to obtain the appropriate form and permissions.

Global Studies 

Sample GLS Major Worksheets

The following documents will serve as examples of what at GLS major's program of study (i.e. focus area) may look like. These may aid you in filling out your own program of study with your advisor.  We will have updates soon from some of our 2016-2017 students!

Honors Program

The Global Studies program has an Honors Program to provide qualified students in the major with an opportunity for advanced research in a seminar atmosphere.   

Honors courses are available for students at the sophomore, junior and senior level; these courses are open to students who have distinguished themselves.  Junior and senior level honors courses carry full credit toward the focus area in the Global Studies major or, for non-majors, full elective credit. 

Admissions to the honors program requires completion of GLS 2000 and a minimum grade-point average, both overall and in the major, of 3.0 (a B average).  In order to remain in the program students must maintain at least a B average in honors work.  

To graduate with “honors in Global Studies,” a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.45, overall and in Global Studies, and must take nine semester hours of Global Studies honors credits with a “B” average or better, including GLS 4510 (Thesis/Project) with honors.  Upon admission to the honors program, students will determine their focus area Honors courses in consultation with the advisor.  This will become part of their program of study.The nine semester hours in Gobal Studies include: 

  • 2  Honors courses in the focus area.  These can be an appropriate Honors course from another department or it can be a graduate course, if the student has the appropriate preparation.  These courses must count in the student’s focus area.
  • GLS 4510 Thesis/Project with honors

Please contact the Global Studies Director for more information.