Student Research and Internships

Global Studies students are encouraged to pursue research interests and internship opportunites wherever they may lead.  Experiences conducting research and working abroad can and will have profound impacts on students' career and life paths.  Here are several examples of Global Studies students' experiences from working and researching abroad.

Abigail Semon is working with a group in aLiberian Refugee Camp with the Hope Foundation, trying to figure out how to get them access to free clean water and funding for scholarships so the kids can attend school. She says that stepping into the camp is like stepping into another world...

  • Abigail Semon, Development and Globalization/Spanish double major studying in Ghana.  While in Ghana, Abigail is working on a research project entitled Budget Justification: NGOs in Africa’s “Model Democracy.” Philanthropy or Industry in the Developing World?  Abigail’s research is supported by an International Research Grant from the Office of Undergraduate Research

Caroline Hampton is interning with the NGO Humanisti in the Czechoslovakian capital Prague. One of the many things Humanisti does is work with families within and around the Czech Republic to adopt children in Kenya, Benin, and Guinea. The adopted kids write letters and send pictures to their sponsor/adoptive parents.

  • Caroline Hampton is a Global Studies major with a focus in Peace, Conflict and Human Rights.

Laura Denton is doing an internship at a clinic in Ayacucho, Peru.  According to her intership organizations website, "Volunteers observe and assist local health professionals in the few, often overcrowded health clinics in the area, supporting understaffed healthcare workers with their large daily caseloads of patients. Volunteers work closely with trained health professionals to observe and, depending on the volunteer’s level of Spanish, help with routine duties such as weighing and measuring babies, or taking patient vital signs to help local professionals dedicate more individual attention and time to each patient."

  • Laura Denton is a Global Studies major with a focus in...