Fall 2017 Focus Area Course Options

Global Studies is pleased to offer the following Global Studies courses in Fall 2017.  In addition, there are a number of focus area options. Please check here for a list of GLS-related course offerings for Fall 2017 (DOC).

Core and Elective courses: Descriptions are coming soon!

  1. GLS 2000 Contemporary Global Issues (various)
  2. GLS 2350 Intro to Peace Studies (cross-listed with JHP 2530)
    Instructor: Amy Hudnall (hudnallac@appstate.eduu
  3. GLS 3000 Critical Perspectives
    Instructor: Cynthia Wood (woodca@appstate.edu)
  4. GLS 3200 Alternative Globalizations
    Instructor: Cynthia Wood (woodca@appstate.edu)
  5. GLS 3531 Northern Ireland and the Literature of Conflict
    Instructor: Georgia Rhoades (rhoadesgd@appstate.edu)
  6. GLS 4100 Borders and Walls
    Instructor: Alexandra Hellenbrand (hellenbranda@appstate.edu)
  7. GLS 4550 Senior Capstone
    Instructor: Jeanne Dubino (dubinoja@appstate.edu)