CLAC (Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum)

Appalachian State University is intensifying its mission to internationalize the campus by expanding study abroad options, building a more diverse student body, and helping faculty develop robust international components to their network.  Cultures and Languages across the Curriculum (CLAC) is a national program that seeks “to make global competence a reality for students and to create alliances among educators to share practices and find ways to incorporate an international dimension in curricula, and, more generally, to achieve internationalization goals.”  (  CLAC initiatives at Appalachian are currently funded by a grant from the US Department of Education through the program for Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL).  The UISFL grant is specifically designed to target faculty with interests or expertise in areas that involve Arabic, Chinese, German and Japanese.  

The Office of International Education and Development sponsored a workshop on "Living Brazil!" Organized by Dr. Sarah Bergstedt, (director of outreach for OIED), this workshop is for K-12 educators and other teachers or instructors or students who are interested not only in Brazil but also in exploring ways to incorporate CLAC ideas into a variety of curricula K-16.  Contact OIED for more information.

In December 2011, we "graduated" our second of two cohorts in the CLAC Faculty Fellows program.  Our Fellows are listed below; they would be happy to talk with interested colleagues about how they are using CLAC in their courses.  If you would like more information about CLAC, contact the Global Studies program office or consider filling out a CLAC support request form (DOC).  We think CLAC is for all students and faculty on campus-- let us know how we can support you! 

CLAC Faculty Fellows 2011

  • Paul Wallace (LES)    
  • Pam Brewer (ENG)
  • Ed Brewer (ENG)
  • Xiaofei Tu (P&R)
  • Wendy Xie (FLL)
  • Renee Scherlen  (GJS)
  • Elitz Kotzeva (WGC)
  • Robert Schlagal (LRE)
  • Linda Veltze  (LES)
  • Scott Ludwig  (ART)
  • Michael Grady (ART)
  • George Ehrhardt (GJS)
  • Shawn Arthur  (P&R)
  • Laura Ammon (P&R)
  • Mitzi Cook (FCS)
  • Terence Milstead (GHY)
  • Ray Miller (T&D)
  • Gary Moorman (LRE)
  • Sara Zimmerman (CI)