The Global Studies curriculum enables students to build a foundation for understanding the global aspects of international issues, to develop tools for considering such issues from a variety of perspectives, and then to focus on one of many possible fields in global studies. Those fields may include Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and German Studies. The program also includes opportunities for advanced language study and study abroad.

Declaring a Major in Global Studies

To declare a major you must have earned 30 semester hours, have a 2.0 (C) grade point average (GPA), and completed RC 1000 and RC 2001. You must make an appointment with the Global Studies director to discuss your focus area and to draft a plan of study for your Global Studies major. The director will also ask you about your plans for foreign language study and study abroad. These plans may be tentative and they may change; however, it is never too early to begin!

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Here is one example of a 4-year plan (DOCX) for a Global Studies major. Students who major in Global Studies often have a second major (in areas like Spanish, History, Political Science, Anthropology). Students who major in GLS also often have a second minor, in addition to their foreign language minor. Second minors often include: Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), International Business, Communications, History, Political Science, Art, Non-Profit Management. There are as many combinations as there are students!